Tuition For

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary



Caring Qualified Teachers



  • Reading
  • English
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Essay Writing
  • History
  • Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Skills for OC
  • Selective High Schools Tests
  • Adult Education: TAFE / University




Benefits of our Tuition Programs

Our tuition sessions provide expert teaching on the most important knowledge and skills in each subject. Students are given attention on the subject / concept areas that they require so that a greater understanding is developed. Students are encouraged to practise and refine these skills. Revision of these skills over a period of months and years will enable them to be mastered.


We would like all our students to experience the sense of achievement that is derived from mastering their subject content. This is the reason we recommend that tuition continue for an extended period of time. Even though some of our students improve very quickly, we do not aim to provide a quick fix.


The lasting benefits of improved self-confidence, self-esteem and results are best developed and nurtured in a calm learning environment like the one we provide.